Notice: Information here is tentative and dependent on various external factors. It represents our best effort to estimate delivery of future deliverables.

Roadmap stages

Roadmap stages - Pre-seed Roadmap stages - Seed Roadmap stages - Beyond

☀️ Pre-seed

In this stage organization starts the work of proving out the Universal Identity protocol and seed apps. Current stage estimated to last 6-12 months.

🌱 Seed

In this stage the organization begins to work with independent private businesses and serve actual end-customers (consumers and early adopters) with specific end-to-end use cases. This stage is estimated to last 9-18 months.

💬 Beyond

Not much is known about these stages other than increased scale. Given the current set of assumptions and the high possibility of changes to the direction of this venture, we will revisit planning for stages beyond what is already mentioned.